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We do this because we love helping people and seeing them succeed

As facilitators and coaches, we create unique solutions for your organisation and people. We provide leadership development with an emphasis on transfer of learning, changing leadership behaviours and impact on business results.


GMD Partnerships specialises in developing and facilitating programmes for business clients both in New Zealand and overseas. We work with our clients to develop workshops and programmes, specifically tailored to assist companies achieve business results through developing leadership and management capability.


Step 1

Identify business results - determine stakeholder expectations

Step 2

Determine critical behaviours

Step 3

Design solution package

Step 4

Implement learning solution

Step 5

Drive critical behaviours

Step 6

Evaluate against business results - return on expectation

What people are saying:

“Hi gents, I just wanted to send you a note to offer my most sincere thanks. The training/coaching we did with you guys at Stockton is right up there with my Apprenticeship as the most valuable learning I have ever done. I use at least one of the tools you imparted on me daily without even knowing and regularly consciously. I am currently working in Mauritania (West Africa) for Kinross and living in the Canary Islands (lucky me), one of the first things i packed when we left Australia was my folders from your coaching, this job is a tough one with people from so many countries I cant count them, so the tools you gave me are just so valuable. Please know you have both have had a profound impact on my life and career I will forever been in your debt..... Thanks Grant Wise”

“Mark and David worked with us closely to get our Leadership programme underway.  They visited sites, talked to staff and took photos which all wove into a professionally delivered programme.  Both are passionate about what they do and it shows when they are presenting to groups. I learnt a lot while watching them deliver, and our staff had a lot of fun as well.  Most importantly, we got results that were measurable and demonstrated to this day.”

Natasha – Learning and Development Advisor - Delta



Helping leaders become better leaders

  • Coaching is an essential tool for achieving business goals.
  • Helping others to be more successful is one of the key roles of leadership.
  • Coaching can help any individual to solve problems.
  • We help you to become a coach and then to get better.
  • We also provide one to one and one to group coaching.

For more information contact us directly.

We are Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching certified. http://www.marshallgoldsmith.com/stakeholder-centered-coaching


Helping you solve organisational issues

Sometimes it takes a facilitator to help you work through the issues you face on a daily basis. We help you to identify the issues, explore these in depth, identify robust solutions and implement these successfully.

Recent examples of the problems and solutions we have helped work on:

  • Developing 1-3 year business plans for a mining and a utilities organisation
  • Developing Health, Safety and Wellbeing obligations for a power utility company
  • Developing higher team performance for senior teams in a government agency and a primary producer
  • H&S planning for a manufacturing organisation
  • Conflict resolution in mining, manufacturing and healthcare organisations


Helping you solve organisational issues

We continue to share with the community through Keynote and Concurrent session speaking engagements and have presented at ATD USA. ATD in Taiwan, AITD in Sydney and Melbourne, NZATD in Auckland and Christchurch, ANEC in Christchurch and MHNEF in Dunedin.

Our Keynote Topics and workshops include
  • Learning Transfer
  • Coaching for Improvement
  • Coaching for Leadership
  • Getting to Kirkpatrick® Levels 3 & 4
  • Learning and Development’s role in enabling results


Bridging the Gap between learning and the business

Have you ever been to a learning event and even though you may have wanted to do something differently you get back to work and it’s just business as usual?

The purpose of training is to obtain better organisational results, yet in the majority of training, up to 85% of participants fail to do what we need to get those results. But there is a clear pathway to turning this around and ensuring learning transfers into tangible results.

Learning transfer aims to bridge the gap between learning and the business. In doing so we can reverse the ratio so that 85% of participants are actually doing what we need them to do. This creates the results that we really need from our training.

There are 6 key steps to learning transfer:

Step 1

Engaging the business first to understand what key stakeholders really want

Step 2

Identifying the specific few behaviours you want learners to do on the job

Step 3

Designing the support and accountability package that will ensure people do get to succeed when they are back in the workplace

Step 4

Implementing, monitoring and adjusting the support and accountability package

Step 5

Designing a relevant and strong learning programme

Step 6

Evaluating to ensure the behaviours are occurring and the results are as intended

There are many ways in which we can support our learners and ensure accountability. Contact us for ideas and tips.

What people are saying:

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the workshop and follow up evaluation plan feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop at the end of January and learning all about the Kirkpatrick Four Levels programme. I am finding ways to implement this in the work that I do and the conversations that I am having with my stakeholders – it has been very valuable.”

Kylee, Learning and Capability Consultant

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the workshop and follow up evaluation plan feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop at the end of January and learning all about the Kirkpatrick Four Levels programme. I am finding ways to implement this in the work that I do and the conversations that I am having with my stakeholders – it has been very valuable.”

Kylee, Learning and Capability Consultant


Training evaluation that delivers measurable business results

GMD Partnerships are proud to be the Kirkpatrick Partners affiliate in Australia and New Zealand, providing professional advice on the model, and offering authentic Kirkpatrick certification programmes.

At GMD Partnerships we:

Transform training professionals and learning functions into true strategic business partners

Create and demonstrate significant value for business stakeholder

Demonstrate impact to the bottom line and Return on Expectations (ROE).

View our Kirkpatrick chain of evidence, which shows the value that over 2000 Kirkpatrick certified professionals are bringing to their organisations by applying the methodology they have learned in Kirkpatrick programmes.

Through our expertise and experience, we will teach you the science of the Kirkpatrick Model, in order to successfully help execute business strategy. Equally importantly, we approach our work with the heart to improve lives and change corporate cultures.

The Kirkpatrick Model

The Kirkpatrick Model is the most recognised and respected method of training evaluation in the world. The New World Kirkpatrick Model builds on fifty years of success by supporting learning and development professionals to become true strategic business partners.

Why become Kirkpatrick Certified?

The Programme equips Learning and Development professionals to create and demonstrate significant value for their organisational stakeholders and impact on organisational results.

What we offer

We offer Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Programmes. These Programmes teach the science of the Kirkpatrick Model, giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to partner with key stakeholders and help successfully execute organisational strategy. Click here to watch Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick explain the Kirkpatrick Programme - Bronze Level.

We offer public and customised in-house programmes across Australia and New Zealand. Please click on the appropriate icon for the programme most suitable to you.


What people are saying:

“More than any other learning event in my time working in L&D, I feel that this will have immediate relevance and application to my work. I recommend this programme without hesitation, not only for Learning and Development Professionals, but even for General Managers and Executive Teams”

Andy Corbin, L&D Programmes Developer, IHC

"Being an HR professional I was quite skeptical about the benefit of this training for myself and the organisation I am working for at first. However, during the training I realised its full potential and how it could help us to improve our current processes and practices. From time to time in my work I would come across a situation where an employee was given all the possible training opportunities, but still failed to apply a learned skills and behaviours on a job. This training helped us to identify what we been missing and how to fix a problem.
The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas. I feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the powerpoint were extremely good. At no point did I feel that the training was “dragging on”. There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm not only from the facilitators but the training participants as we all were so engaged in what was happening in the room. It is great to have Kirkpatrick facilitators with so much energy. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises, discussions and presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. Thank you a lot!"

Maryna Bilousova, Workforce Development Manager, Pact Group – Dunedin

"The Kirkpatrick training has allowed me to see the " bigger picture" when delivering educational material.  I am now asking management what the desired outcomes and leading indicators will be as a result of the education package.  The Kirkpatrick Model has highlighted the importance of what happens following  the education session and  how we can best support changes in the workplace.  I have also reviewed and made changes to my course material and evaluations,  to link what students have learnt back to desirable workplace behaviours.  I would recommend this programme to all learning and development staff and have found the GMD team ongoing support invaluable in helping  me implement changes in my practice. Kind regards Leah"

Leah Caldwell, Clinical Psychologist, South Canterbury District Health Board


KIRKPATRICK Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Programme

Online (from New Zealand) - Bronze
Five sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, commencing 21 July
Online (from New Zealand) - Bronze
Five sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, commencing 29 Sep
Online (from New Zealand) - Silver
Three sessions, 1 x 3hrs, 2 x 2.5hrs, commencing 25 Nov

Online (from Sweden) - Bronze
Five sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, commencing 4 May
Online (from USA) - Bronze
Five sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, commencing 11 August

Online (from USA) - Bronze
Five sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, commencing 6 November
Online (from USA) - Silver
Three sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours, plus formal presentation, commencing 8 December
Please contact us if you are interested in registering for one of the
overseas on-line programs to receive a referral/discount code
to receive pricing for Australia/New Zealand.