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Don’t deliver training, deliver solutions that drive towards business success

We were recently asked to deliver some Supervisor Leadership training for a large organisation. Easy to say yes to this but there’s a significant risk of just providing training? Do we really know what the issues are and why the key stakeholders believe training will fix them? Too often we just accept requests for training without fully understanding the real needs of the business and how training might contribute to solving these organisational issues. We must go back to the reasons for the request and seek to understand from the stakeholders what success would like if the problem was resolved. Only then can we see if there is a component of the solution that may involve training. It can be difficult holding these conversations when the person requesting the training seems to know what they want and are possibly more senior in the organisation. However, if we don’t ask the right questions and just deliver the training, how often have we seen training fail to deliver the results that were in fact needed. To help these initial conversations with senior executives and stakeholders we've created a list of questions to ask them. These will generate useful information for you to plan your initiative and at the same time generate stakeholder interest and engagement. If you would like a copy of these 14 questions we've provided a copy here:


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