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Training evaluation that delivers measurable business results

GMD Partnerships are proud to be the Kirkpatrick Partners affiliate in Australia and New Zealand, providing professional advice on the model, and offering authentic Kirkpatrick certification programmes.

At GMD Partnerships we:

  • Transform training professionals and learning functions into true strategic business partners
  • Create and demonstrate significant value for business stakeholders
  • Demonstrate impact to the bottom line and Return on Expectations (ROE).

View our Kirkpatrick chain of evidence, which shows the value that over 2000 Kirkpatrick certified professionals are bringing to their organisations by applying the methodology they have learned in Kirkpatrick programmes.

Through our expertise and experience, we will teach you the science of the Kirkpatrick Model, in order to successfully help execute business strategy. Equally importantly, we approach our work with the heart to improve lives and change corporate cultures.


At GMD Partnerships we:


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The Kirkpatrick Model

The Kirkpatrick Model is the most recognised and respected method of training evaluation in the world. The New World Kirkpatrick Model builds on fifty years of success by supporting learning and development professionals to become true strategic business partners.

Learn more about the New World Kirkpatrick Model here


What we offer

We offer Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Programmes. These Programmes teach the science of the Kirkpatrick Model, giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to partner with key stakeholders and help successfully execute organisational strategy. Click here to watchJim and Wendy Kirkpatrick explain the Kirkpatrick Programme - Bronze Level.

We offer public and customised in-house programmes across Australia and New Zealand. Please click on the appropriate icon for the programme most suitable to you.

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Why become Kirkpatrick Certified

Auckland Bronze Certification Programme 

Why become Kirkpatrick Certified?

The Programme equips Learning and Development professionals to create and demonstrate significant value for their organisational stakeholders and impact on organisational results.

This is what Kirkpatrick Certified graduates of the Programme are saying:

This is what Kirkpatrick Certified graduates of the Programme are saying:

“More than any other learning event in my time working in L&D, I feel that this will have immediate relevance and application to my work. I recommend this programme without hesitation, not only for Learning and Development Professionals, but even for General Managers and Executive Teams”

Andy Corbin, L&D Programmes Developer, IHC.

“The course catered well for those new to the Kirkpatrick Model and also to those already familiar with the framework. In practical terms, not only did the course help us with developing a more robust evaluation process (beyond learner reactions), but also with a re-think of our entire approach to needs analysis, learning delivery and on the job support practices.”

Carolyn Bates, Organisational Development Advisor, Christchurch City Council


"For me, the best thing about attending the Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation programme was to be able to connect the dots. The programme takes a holistic and diagnostic approach which helps L&D professionals to establish connections between evaluation, Organisational Development, performance and engagement

Adrita Mukhopadhyay, Training Advisor, Ministry of Justice – Wellington


“Being an HR professional I was quite skeptical about the benefit of this training at first. However, during the training I realised its full potential and how it could help us to improve our current processes and practices. From time to time in my work I would come across a situation where an employee was given all the possible training opportunities, but still failed to apply learned skills and behaviours on a job. This training helped us to identify what we had been missing and how to fix a problem.”

Maryna Bilousova, Workforce Development Manager, Pact Group - Dunedin