The Partnership Process


Our approach to working with you

Partnering with our clients underpins our approach to building organisational capability and delivering business results.



Starting with the end in mind – identifying business results and outcomes

We start with the end in mind. This means initially we work with you to identify the critical business results and outcomes that any learning, development and performance (LD&P) solution package should support and facilitate. This is a critical point, as it creates specific criteria for success, and thus enables maximum value to be created and demonstrated.



Determining critical behaviours

We then work alongside you to identify the critical behaviours that leaders and employees will demonstrate drive these results and outcomes. Only once we have the critical behaviours identified will we explore with you potential learning, development and performance solutions that will deliver these behaviours.


Design solution package – the complete learning experience

We will design a bespoke solution package that covers the complete learning experience. Solutions may be a combination of workshops, on the job learning, mobile learning, coaching, and mentoring. All of our solutions require the active support and involvement of the participant’s line manager, so that on-the-job application is encouraged, rewarded and reinforced. We will provide simple yet powerful job aids and templates for these supervisors and managers to use on the job.


Reaction and learning

With a solution in place we monitor and evaluate reaction and learning and critically whether participants have the confidence and commitment to apply the knowledge and skills learnt.

We find this approach provides greater clarity for our clients, participants and ourselves around what is the expected result of any LD&P solution. With this clarity comes the ability to identify whether the solution package is working or needs adjusting to maximise the return from the efforts. We believe in leaving little to chance, especially in relation to leveraging training. Our approach is specifically designed to increase the likelihood of complete individual, area, and organisation success with little wasted effort and expense.

We provide data on reaction and learning to monitor and adjust the effectiveness of the solution package.


Driving critical behaviours

We work with you to identify the most appropriate and effective ways of monitoring and driving the critical behaviours in the workplace – be it forms of encouragement, reward or reinforcement.

We monitor whether critical behaviours are being demonstrated and accordingly adjust the solution package to ensure its effectiveness.


Evaluation against business results – return on expectations (ROE)

We provide data to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution package so that a return on expectations can be developed.

This approach ultimately allows us to deliver a solution package that maximises on-the-job application and organisational results that demonstrate business value.


Our association with Kirkpatrick Evaluation

GMD Partnerships Ltd is proud to be the Australasian affiliates of Kirkpatrick, the world’s foremost methodology in training evaluation. We provide consulting services to organisations on using Kirkpatrick to evaluate the effectiveness of their training. We deliver the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program.

Our facilitators are proud to be Kirkpatrick Certified. We use the Kirkpatrick approach to delivering and evaluating our learning, development and performance solutions. To learn more about Kirkpatrick, click here.


1. The Kirkpatrick Model was created by Dr Donald L. Kirkpatrick. Please visit for more information.
Kirkpatrick Four Levels® is used by permission of Kirkpatrick Partners Ltd

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