Bridging the Gap between learning and the business

Have you ever been to a learning event and even though you may have wanted to do something differently you get back to work and it’s just business as usual?

The purpose of training is to obtain better organisational results, yet in the majority of training, up to 85% of participants fail to do what we need to get those results. But there is a clear pathway to turning this around and ensuring learning transfers into tangible results.

Learning transfer aims to bridge the gap between learning and the business. In doing so we can reverse the ratio so that 85% of participants are actually doing what we need them to do. This creates the results that we really need from our training.

There are 6 key steps to learning transfer:

Step 1

Engaging the business first to understand what key stakeholders really want

Step 2

Identifying the specific few behaviours you want learners to do on the job

Step 3

Designing the support and accountability package that will ensure people do get to succeed when they are back in the workplace

Step 4

Implementing, monitoring and adjusting the support and accountability package

Step 5

Designing a relevant and strong learning programme

Step 6

Evaluating to ensure the behaviours are occurring and the results are as intended

There are many ways in which we can support our learners and ensure accountability. Contact us for ideas and tips.

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